Monday, June 28, 2021

X-E3 gains a tilting screen

So, as an X-E3 owner, you've been waiting the longest time for a camera upgrade with a tilting screen. When the X-E4 arrives, it has a tilting screen alright, but oh, the things you have to give up! Talk about costing an arm and a leg (and that's without the cash outlay)!

For me, it was a big 'NO' to the X-E4. What to do now? Sony? Nah. How about a Fujifilm X-M1?

Fujifilm X-M1 - Yes, a tilting screen!

But that's an older camera and it's only 16Mp.

That's true, but hear me out: I'm not replacing the X-E3, just adding to it. I'll have two bodies, both X-mount so that they can both use any of my Fuji lenses, and both have X-Trans sensors with that awesome image quality. The X-M1 is also smaller than the X-E3, so it's a better pocket carry. When I need to get down low it'll get me places the X-E3 can't go.

Yeah, but 16Mp; that's a step backwards surely?

Not really. There are two reasons why that isn't a problem:

  1. For a whole lot of uses, 16Mp is already overkill. For example, I downsize to less than 6Mp for most social media.
  2. With modern AI software, a 16Mp image can easily be resized to 24Mp without any noticeable loss of quality. If I gave you a 24Mp image from the X-E3 and an up-sized 24Mp image from the X-M1 you wouldn't be able to tell the difference; even pixel peeping.
A 100% crop from a 16Mp image, upsized to 24Mp.

But, here's the thing - I get the two bodies, a more pocketable option, and a tilting screen, all for about US$125. What's not to like about that?


  1. I have a M-1 and have used it for many ears. I miss two things with the body:
    - Electronic shutter
    - EVF for focusing with vintage lenses
    Besids that, it's a great camera.

    1. Hans, yes I miss the silence of the electronic shutter, but if I have to use an EVF, then the X-E3 does the job. I think I can live without those things on the X-M1.