Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sanity is a good backup

As I write this, I am being saved - or at least my data is. My HP laptop which has been little more than three years of extended and expensive malfunction, has finally died. Good riddance is all I can say. Problem is it took my business data with it. Darn.

I do, of course, have backups - on an external drive. But, they are a few weeks old now. You know how it is; busy, always in a rush, forget to kick off the backup. So the latest invoices, the last half day accounting marathon, isn't there. Again, darn. Fortunately, I do have another backup, a Carbonite backup.

I started using Carbonite two years ago as my 'off site' backup solution. It costs me about NZ$70 a year but I figured it was worth it. Carbonite sits there in the background, copying everything in selected folders to the Carbonite servers without any intervention on my part. Fortunately, I haven't needed an off site backup yet, but Carbonite just proved it was a more meticulous on-site backup solution than my own local setup.

There it's just finished restoring my files now and, again, yes; absolutely every last item is there, all safe and sound. Thanks Carbonite. You might want to check them out, that's

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