Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new home

... shakes head and looks around ...

This must be a new site. Clean isn't it? Won't be for long though, I seem to have the knack of making places look 'lived in' really quickly.

Oh yes, before I forget, I'm 'Fordy'; a somewhat introverted idealist who most people think should have grown up by now. But, after sixty odd years of trying (to grow up), I've decided to stop trying, kick back, and enjoy being 'me'. Truth seems to be that 'me' is just a big kid that enjoys playing, having new toys, and doing things just because he feel like it. I'm not going to let that guilt me any more (nor the fact that I just abused the English language). If that scares you then let me add that I am known for being mostly quite harmless and have even been described as a 'big teddy bear' (probably one with no arms and an eye hanging out).

Anyway, that be as it may, I'm slowly detaching from my previous professional life (in management and technology) and spending more time doing things that give me pleasure (if not money). That means writing, photography and art in general. Consider this site to be a sort of bred-crumb trail of the journey from a manager's desk to a ... well, actually, I don't know where to yet, and maybe that's the attraction; breaking with the tediously familiar to explore strange new worlds and to go where no ... [old geek alert - danger, danger!]

String along if you want, there might be a few laughs to be had (probably at my expense). Anyway, this is just the start so, let's see where it leads...

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  1. Welcome to Blogger, Fordy. It's surprisingly addictive. :o)