Thursday, April 26, 2012

'Easy as' photo website

Just finished revamping This qualifies as the fastest website redesign I have ever done thanks to  the "LRB Exhibition" plugin for Lightroom. The largest part of the job was curating the pictures to include in the galleries. Once that was done I simply had to work down a (long) list of options - ticking boxes, choosing colours, setting layout, and entering text. Then I published locally, made a few tweaks and published to the web-server. Checked out the result on an iPad and a netbook, tweaked and republished and it was done.

What I like is the ease of maintenance - simply drag a new picture into the 'web-site' collection in Lightroom, adjust the picture count for the gallery, and republish; LRB Exhibition takes care of the rest. Cool and quick.

LRB Plugins also have other web gallery options - "LRB Portfolio" and "LRB Showcase" along with other Lightroom tools. Well worth checking out at Thanks Sean McCormack.

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